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LED 120v RGB Wall Washer
LED 120v RGB Wall Washer
Create spectacular light shows and colorful mixes with the LED 120v RGB Wall Washer available at LED Rope Lights and More. Suited for either indoor or outdoor use, the LED 120v Wall Washer is rated to provide 100,000 hours of life while consuming just 48 watts. The LED 120v RGB Wall Washer is a heavy
Our Price: $499.00
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LED Wall Washer Lighting

Add a splash of gorgeous illumination to the exterior of your building with LED wall washer lighting from our extensive collection of LEDs, controllers, cables and accessories. Choose a subtle, low-lit look by using a 120-volt RGB wall washer with 12 LEDs or create a dramatic effect with a 120-volt linear RGB wall washer containing 26 LEDs. Looking for something in-between? You're in luck. We carry 120-volt linear RGB washers with 24 LEDs as well. You can also choose one in warm white for gentler tones; it's great on dark surfaces that naturally absorb light.
LED 120v RGB Wall Washer
Our Price: $499.00

LED 120v Linear RGB Wall Washer - 12 LEDs
Our Price: $269.00

LED 120v Linear RGB Wall Washer - 24 LEDs
Our Price: $399.00

LED 120v Linear RGB Wall Washer - 36 LEDs
Our Price: $499.00

LED 120v Linear Warm White Wall Washer - 12 LEDs
Our Price: $179.00

LED 120v Linear Warm White Wall Washer - 24 LEDs
Our Price: $325.00

LED 120v Linear Warm White Wall Washer - 36 LEDs
Our Price: $425.00

Wall Washer Signal Connector Cable - 15'
Our Price: $32.00

Wall Washer Power Extension Cable - 15'
Our Price: $32.00

DMX XLR Adapter Cable - 2'
Our Price: $29.99

DMX Play Stand Alone Controller
Our Price: $637.50

Wall Washer Color Controller
Our Price: $225.00

Whether you're lighting the outside of your home, your restaurant or your office building, these LED wall washers are the way to go. With our heavy-duty lighting systems, you get the best of both worlds: prime lighting wherever you want it and extreme energy efficiency. You'll save money without compromising on the look you want. These durably enclosed lighting systems don't require any maintenance outside of brushing off snow or chipping away at ice; once they're in place, you can set your timers and forget that they're there. Each of these LED wall washers is rated for a 100,000-hour lifespan, and you can link as many as 30 of them together if you're using them indoors.

Our waterproof LED wall washer lighting systems feature clear polycarbonate lenses, so they're as effective as they are durable. You'll love the way they diffuse light evenly; you'll never have to worry about patchy, streaky lighting. We also carry LED wall washer controllers and cables. For our RGB wall washers, which are DMX-compatible, we have Enttec DMX lighting controllers, color controllers, and DMX XLR adapter cables, so you'll find everything you need to safely and effectively illuminate any space.
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