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Sustainable Lighting.

Those two words pretty much sum up what we're passionate about here at LED Rope Lights And More, a division of Take Three, Inc. Beautiful illumination and green, tree-hugging, energy efficiency and responsibility.

Truly beautiful, well-designed lighting is quite a remarkable sight. It can enhance the feeling and character of any space, both indoors and outdoors. General illumination, accent lighting, task lighting, display lighting: they all have a role to play in how we perceive our surroundings. You can design the exterior of a building, or the interior of a room all you like, but bad lighting will break it, and good lighting will absolutely make it.

But these lighting systems that so beautifully illuminate our world consume power. And often, quite a lot of it. So what is the next step?

Enter LEDs.

For years, incandescent bulbs ruled the lighting world. Great color; but terrible efficiency. Fluorescents came about next. Better on the efficiency side, but not so good on the color rendition side. LEDs have come along and changed everything. Superb energy efficiency and good color rendition (and getting better and better with every generation).

And that's where we come in. We're passionate about great lighting, particularly accent and decorative lighting, as we find that's where people are their most creative. And we're extremely passionate about being responsible stewards of this beautiful planet of ours...after all it's the only one we have. With LEDs, a synergy has come about, perfectly aligning these two passions in a remarkable way. In 2006, we launched LED Rope Lights And More.com in an effort to make energy-efficient and beautiful lighting products available to anyone who shared these passions. We started with rope lights (hence the name of the site) as they are a super flexible lighting system than can be used in numerous applications. As time goes on, we plan on adding more and more LED lighting solutions to our store.

So if you're interested in fantastic lighting, and doing your part to help the environment, we're here for you!

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