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Flexible Neon LED Lights

LED Neon Flex lights are a breakthrough in flexible lighting design. With their unique construction, these flexible lights are able to directly replace traditional glass neon with better performance, lower cost, and easier maintenance.

And with the next generation of this unique style of lighting, the LED Polar Neon Flex, flexible neon lighting has never looked better

Benefits of LED Polar Neon Flex:
  • Save up to 90% of energy costs over glass neon
  • Extremely bright
  • Highly flexible
  • Long life (up to 50,000 hours)
  • Unbreakable
  • Cool to the touch
  • Easy to install
  • 1 year warranty

    See the difference in a comparison of LED Neon Flex vs. Traditional Glass Neon!
  • Pure White
    Warm White
    Polar Neon Flex Accessories

    Higher technology. Lower Cost.

    The new LED Polar Neon Flex is similar in shape and outer appearance to the old neon, but the inner guts have been completely revamped for a whole new lighting experience. New state of the art LED chips provide increased lumen output and are machine mounted onto pure copper tape. A polyimide film is then used to protect the LEDs and optimize the longevity of the neon.

    In the end, the new LED Polar Neon Flex is brighter and more reliable than ever. With its tight LED spacing, stringent wavelength control standards, and patented PVC housing with UV-inhibitor, it makes for an even more beautiful continuous line of light than ever before.

    The efficient redesigning of the new LED Polar Neon Flex, along with its revamped automated production process, gives you the superior brightness and optical performance of the previous generation "Plus" line (or better), but at a more budget-friendly price, similar to that of the previous generation "Economical" line. So with the new LED Polar Neon, you really are getting the best of both worlds.


    Due to the re-engineering of the neon, the LED Polar Neon Flex utilizes a different pin configuration from the previous generation Neon Flex and therefore uses different power cords and accessories. If you are using the Polar Neon alongside an existing Neon Flex installation, be sure to use the new accessories.

    Low Voltage

    At the present time, the LED Polar Neon Flex comes in 120V only. If you have an application that requires 24V low voltage neon, please contact us.


    Flexible LED neon lighting is an ideal solution for many lighting application problems. As a direct replacement for traditional glass neon, LED neon can be use just about anywhere you would normally install glass neon: commercial building exterior perimeter lighting, interior accent lighting for bars, restaurants, or clubs, back lighting, and much more. But more than just traditional neon installations, its durability and ease of installation allow flexible LED neon lighting to be installed in applications that glass neon wouldn’t typically be suited for: patron-height accent lighting in restaurants and bars, home theaters, cove lighting, architectural detail accent lighting, and more.

    The Best of Both Worlds

    The unique design and construction of flexible LED neon lighting has positioned it as “hybrid” product of sorts. It is designed as a direct replacement for traditional glass neon, with the outstanding optical properties you would expect from neon: extremely bright light output with smooth, uniform light distribution to give it that great neon “glow”. While keeping these great optical properties, the design of LED Flex Neon allows it to be very flexible, extremely durable, consume a fraction of the energy glass neon uses, and last much, much longer. And installation is much simpler; not requiring a master craftsman to shape and install any glass. LED Polar Flex Neon is the next generation of neon lighting.

    Now let’s look at things from a slightly different point of view. Here is a plastic-tubing encased product that is very flexible and can be bent into almost any shape. It can be cut to length to fit the job needed. It is super easy to install using mounting tracks or clips. Stopping here, we may well be discussing LED rope lights. But now we look at the optical properties of flexible LED neon, and here’s where things get kicked up a notch. Rope lights have 1”+ spacing on their LEDs and, with their clear jackets which allow you to see the individual LEDs, create a “dotted” appearance when viewed directly. This is not ideal for certain applications. When a lighting fixture is visible directly, you may want a product that will give off a continuous glow of light, not a “dotted” effect. This is where flexible LED neon takes over. Its tight bulb spacing and unique jacket housing create a solid, continuous line of light, without any distracting hotspots. So if you have a lighting application that you thought was best for rope lights, and hadn’t considered a neon product, take a closer look. Not only is it the next generation of neon lights, LED Polar Neon Flex is also the evolution of LED rope lighting.

    The superior optical performance of glass neon. The flexibility and ease of use of LED rope lights.
    …Plus some added benefits that neither one have.

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