Yellow LED Rigid Light Bars

LED 12v 3528 Single Chip Rigid Light Bar - Yellow - 60 LEDs
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LED 12v 5050 Tri-Chip Rigid Light Bar - Yellow - 30 LEDs
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Work in the glow of powerful, yet energy-efficient light in your workshop, office, or kitchen with Yellow LED Rigid Light Bars available at LED Rope Lights And More. These energy-efficient LED bars come in two formats: single-chip and tri-chip. The 60 LED 12v 3528 Single Chip Yellow Rigid Light Bar is 20 inches long, has 60 medium output 3528 LED lights and consumes 7.8 watts per bar. The 30 LED 12v 5050 Tri-Chip Yellow Rigid Light Bar is also 20 inches long and includes 30 high-output 5050 LED lights that consume 12 watts per bar. Both of the yellow LED light bars are waterproof and suitable for outdoor use. You can connect up to 10 sets together on a single 12 volt power source. And, with the inclusion of integrated male and female connectors, linking the bars together is easy.
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