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We are no longer selling our 4-wire RGB Rope Light. If you are in need of RGB linear lighting, we highly recommend our lineup of RGB Tape Lights.

Our 4-Wire RGB LED rope lights can truly enhance your lighting project. Each rope light contains a combination of red, green, and blue LEDs...all in the same rope light. They can be made to show all the colors at once, fade in and out between colors, or even be isolated to show one color at a time. Our RGB LED rope lights are an extremely versatile and flexible product...like having many different rope lights in one!
LED 4-Wire 120v Directional Rope Light Custom Cut - RGB
Our Price: $6.85
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LED 4-Wire 120v Directional Rope Light 65' - RGB
Retail Price: $411.25
Our Price: $299.99
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LED 4-Wire 120v Directional Rope Light 150' - RGB
Our Price: $534.99
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Nothing says style like RGB LED rope lights. This gorgeous combination of red, green and blue is completely adjustable so you can create a stunning effect that will impress your guests and save you money in the long run. These gorgeous RGB rope lights can be mounted in tracks or with specialized brackets that give you the freedom to create a fresh, unique look.

The LED 4-Wire 120v Directional Rope Lights we offer are available in 65-foot and 150-foot lengths; we’ll even custom cut your desired length for you, if you prefer, to help you save more money without compromising style. Trail them around trees and other landscape features, use them to decorate a child’s room or dangle them from your roof to celebrate special occasions or to give your guests a real “Wow” factor each time they’re lit. The clear plastic tubing that houses these RGB LEDs ensures they’re virtually undetectable unless they’re on.

These RGB LED rope lights can be part of a truly unique look. Customize these beautiful LEDs by programming them to show all three colors at once, fade in and out or turn on the colors one at a time. It’s like having four separate strands with the convenience of just one. Each spool of LED rope lighting we sell comes with a simple mounting kit. However, you can purchase extra accessories such as surge protectors and controllers that give your décor a little something special. Whether you love them for their ability to burn for up to 100,000 hours straight, their almost undetectable heat emissions or their energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness, these strands packed with bright lights might be exactly what you need for your special space. These RGB lights are ideal for placing poolside, adding panache to holidays or practically any other application that requires a unique, decorator-approved touch.

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