LED "Thirty" Puck Lights & Hardware

Compact, energy-efficient and economical, these 30-LED bulb puck lights are ideal for under-cabinet lighting, closet lighting and accent lighting. Since these low-profile, sleek lights are cylindrical and contain 30 small but long-life LEDs, they can lend a modern edge to any decorative style. They're available in three finishes: black, white and nickel.
LED "Thirty" Puck Light
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LED "Thirty" Puck Light Combo Kit
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LED 6w Plug-in Power Supply
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LED 25w Hardwire Driver
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Decorative Trim Ring
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Our LED "Thirty" puck lights use conventional 12v wiring to produce a warm, white glow that illuminates evenly. Easy to install and easy on the eyes, these 3000K LED lights are rated for a 60,000-hour lifespan. Made with a thermal plastic housing and surface ring, as well as with steel spring clips, our under-cabinet lights measure just over an inch high and are a little over 2.5 inches in diameter. With a clear integrated plastic lens cover, these indoor under-counter lights are ideal for using alone or in clusters of three.

In addition to LED "Thirty" puck lights, we have all the mounting accessories you need to create your own unique light display. Whether you're illuminating a wine rack, a sports memorabilia collection or just a workspace beneath a cabinet, you'll find everything necessary in our collection. We carry LED 5-watt plug-in power supplies, 25-watt hardwire drivers and even decorative trim rings in black, white and nickel. Our LED "Thirty" puck light combo kit contains a plug-in 5-watt power supply with a roll switch, mounting hardware and three LED-30 lights so you don't have to worry about shopping for each accessory separately.

We know that every project is different. That's why we carry such a wide selection of LED "Thirty" puck under-cabinet lights and accessories. It's our mission to provide you with everything you need, from start to finish, so you can enjoy easy assembly and installation of your own energy-efficient LED lighting systems.
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