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LED strip lights are the next generation of LED accent lighting solutions. These low voltage light ribbons are highly flexible and extremely bright. Their small cutting intervals and easy peel-away self-adhesive backing make for quick and easy installations.

We offer two varieties of LED strip lights: ones that use 3528 SMDs and ones that use larger 5050 SMDs. Click here to learn about the differences between these two types of LEDs.
12v 3528 SMD LED Strips
12v 3528 SMD LED Strips
12v 5050 SMD LED Strips
12v 5050 SMD LED Strips
12v LED Strip Light Power Supplies & Controllers
12v LED Strip Light Power Supplies & Controllers
12v LED Strip Light Accessories
12v LED Strip Light Accessories


LED strip lights (commonly called tape lights or ribbon lights) are different from normal LED rope lighting because they are thinner, more flexible, and have more light output per foot. Their versatility makes them a perfect lighting solution for a variety of indoor or outdoor applications:

  • Architectural accent lighting
  • Entertainment and theater cove lighting
  • Concealed and back lighting
  • Under cabinet lighting
  • Signage and channel letter lighting
  • Security lighting
  • and much more!

Whatever project you use LED strip lighting on, you’ll be saving a bundle because LEDs reduce energy costs and last much longer than normal lighting options.

Choose from strip lighting in vibrant colors like red, yellow, blue, green and white. And with their electrical semiconductor and tough epoxy resin build, they are highly durable and able to handle tough outdoor conditions, unlike many glass lights. Browse our collection of LED strip lights – We offer affordable pricing as well fast shipping on our wide variety of LEDs.

Low Voltage

Some of our LED strip lights are a low voltage product, so they will work in a variety of applications that line level voltage products will not:

  • Automobile border/contour lighting
  • Boat lighting
  • RV lighting

In addition to an increased range of applications, low voltage lights are also much safer to work with. Whether 12 volt or 24 volt, low voltage lights have only a fraction of the voltage running through them, after the transformer has stepped down the voltage, which reduces the shock hazard during installation.


Don’t forget the transformer! Low voltage LED strip lights require some sort of transformer to step down the line level voltage to the proper voltage needed by the LED lights. Some transformers are small and unobtrusive, while others can be large and massive. The size and weight of the transformer is dependent upon the size of the power load it needs to handle. Generally, the longer of run of LED lights, the more power they draw, the larger the transformer. Be sure to purchase a transformer that is the appropriate size and capacity for your lighting project, and determine ahead of time where the transformer will be located.

Light Output

We offer LED strip lights in two different configurations. One configuration uses medium-output 3528 SMD LED chips, the other uses high-output 5050 SMD LED chips. The 3528 LED strips are a more value-driven product, delivering good light output at a reasonable price. The 5050 LED strips cost a bit more, but offer much more light output per chip. It is important to note that since the 5050 LED strip lights are so much brighter, they also consume more energy then their 3528 counterparts.

Have a large project? Buy in bulk and save even more!
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