LED SMD Comparison: 3528 vs 5050

Many LED lighting products use "SMD" LEDs. You will often see a 4-digit number prefix, such as a "3528 SMD" version or a "5050 SMD" version. But what does that mean?


"SMD" stands for Surface Mounted Device and is a new breed of LED lighting technology that offers much higher light output than previous LED generations, while still using only a fraction of the power used by traditional light sources.

3528 and 5050 SMD LED comparison.

3528 SMD LED Specs
Number of Light Emitting Chips 1
Dimensions 35 x 28 mm
Power Consumption 0.08 watts per SMD

5050 SMD LED Specs
Number of Light Emitting Chips 3
Dimensions 50 x 50 mm
Power Consumption 0.24 watts per SMD


The 3528 SMD is a single-chip medium-output LED. The 5050 SMD is a larger, three-chip high-output LED that has approximately 3X the brightness of the 3528. We also carry some products that utilize a new 5630 SMD chip. These newer LEDs are even more powerful than the 5050 SMD lights.


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