LED Ruler Under Cabinet Lights

The LED Ruler has a sleek, low profile design and a customizable configuration that makes it ideal for undercabinet lighting or other task and accent lighting. Multiple units of varying lengths can be connected together to fit a variety of conditions, all while still maintaining precise LED spacing. The LED Ruler contains high power white LEDs and comes in an attractive satin brushed aluminum finish. It is easy to install, operates cool, and there are no lamps or bulbs to replace.

Instructions for ordering LED Rulers

  1. Determine lengths of areas to be lighted.
  2. Use unit size and wattage information to select a combination of sizes and quantities to meet your need. Do not exceed the capacity of the power supply driver in each series. You can also use our convenient LED Ruler Sizing Chart (PDF).
  3. Order one power supply driver of appropriate capacity for each run.
  4. Order one Connector Kit for each run to connect to the power supply driver.
  5. Order additional accessories as needed.
2 LED Ruler
Retail Price: $102.90
Our Price: $72.80
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3 LED Ruler
Retail Price: $120.15
Our Price: $85.00
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4 LED Ruler
Retail Price: $146.70
Our Price: $103.70
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5 LED Ruler
Retail Price: $168.45
Our Price: $119.10
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LED Ruler Accessories
LED Ruler Power Supply Drivers

When you're looking for a sleek, low-profile lighting system that's energy-efficient and saves you money, you need LED Ruler under-cabinet lights. Since you can customize their configuration to meet your needs, they're the perfect choice for small-scale and large-scale lighting projects. These American Lighting LED Ruler lights house high-powered white LEDs inside a satin, brushed aluminum casing. You don't have to pay an outside contractor to come in and create a tangle of wires that's impossible to undo; you can follow a few simple steps and begin enjoying beautiful, crisp lighting in minutes.

Ideal for under-cabinet lighting, accent lighting or display case lighting, these LED Ruler lights by American Lighting, are available with two, three, four and five built-in bulbs. LEDs are far more energy-efficient than traditional bulbs, and they don't produce the harsh light conditions that fluorescent bulbs do. They don't produce potentially harmful ultraviolet rays, and they don't heat up after hours of constant use; that makes them a smarter choice for homeowners and business owners. Lower energy bills are just an added benefit, though; most people are really after the widespread, comforting glow that LED lights give off.

We also carry LED Ruler accessories and power supply drivers. You'll find connector kits that allow you to mix and match lengths to create a custom look; 6-inch, 12-inch and 36-inch extension cables that make it easy to connect LED rulers that aren't touching; and 90-degree LED ruler connectors that make "L" shaped lighting possible in any environment. We have junction boxes and connector blocks as well, so no matter what you need to pull off this project, we have you covered. Once you've measured your project and determined how intense you want your lighting to be, we'll be here to help with all the hardware , bulbs and accessories necessary to make it happen.
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