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Rope Light Accessories & Hardware

LED 2-Wire 1/2" 120v 5' Power Cord Kit
Our Price: $9.99

2-Wire 1/2" Y-Extension
Our Price: $9.99

2-Wire 1/2" Rope Light Connector - 2'
Our Price: $6.99

2-Wire 1/2" Rope Light Connector - 15'
Our Price: $11.99

2-Wire 1/2" Rope Light Kit Connector - 3'
Our Price: $6.00

1/2" Clear End Cap (10 pk)
Our Price: $1.99

2-Wire 1/2" T-Connector
Our Price: $5.99

2-Wire 1/2" Invisible Splice Connector Pin (10-pack)
Our Price: $19.90

Shrink Tubing for 1/2" Rope Light (10-pack)
Our Price: $2.50

2-Wire 1/2" Inline Splice
Our Price: $2.99

1/2" 4' Clear Mounting Track UV-Rated
Our Price: $2.99

Mounting Clips for 1/2" Rope Light (10 pk)
Our Price: $2.25

Whether you’re working on an LED lighting project at your home, at your business or elsewhere, you’ll need rope light accessories to get the job done quickly and correctly. The spools of rope light we sell come with valuable accessory packs, but if you need additional rope light, mounting tracks, power cords, jumpers, Y-connectors, or splice kits, you’re in the right place, too. Our inventory is packed with must-have rope light accessories that are easy to use and enable you to create a perfect look.

Strategically place your rope lights in the best locations with mounting clips, or hold them in a straight line with clear mounting tracks. We carry extensions, T-connectors and splices, so you can create a look that you’ll love in no time.

Don’t be left in the dark when it comes to your rope lights. Our huge collection of rope light accessories contains everything you need to make the most out of your investment.
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