Waterproof LED Rigid Light Bars

Sturdy, reliable and easy to install, the LED rigid light bars in our collection are just what you need to create a custom ambience in any environment. From homes and businesses to dorm rooms and workspaces, these rigid LED light bars can provide phenomenal illumination where you need it most. Our light bars are available in three distinct intensities: standard output 3528 SMDs, high-output 5050 SMDs and super-high-output 5630 SMDs. That means they're ideal for everyday use, for lighting signage and for creating gorgeously lit backdrops.

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3528 Single Chip | 5050 Tri-Chip | 5630 High-Intensity

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These plug-and-play LED rigid light bars are waterproof, so they're suitable for indoor and outdoor use. In order to meet your needs, we offer LED light bars with 30 and 60 bulbs. Now you can create a lighting system with the brightness and intensity you need. Forget blinding fluorescent bulbs and inefficient incandescent lights; use these LED rigid light bars to illuminate your home, your office or anywhere else you can imagine. Since we offer a wide variety of colors, including blue, green and red, you're only limited by your imagination. We also carry yellow, warm white and pure white, as well as RGB lights that allow you to enjoy a stunningly full spectrum of color.

These LED rigid light bars can be mounted by the hinged metal clips that come with them. You can also mount them to almost any surface by applying double-sided foam tape to the hard outer casing and affixing it where you need it to be. Since these LED light bars are rated for a 50,000-hour lifespan, you'll enjoy years of moderate use without even thinking about replacement. These waterproof LED light bars can be the perfect finishing touch over china and curio cabinets, shelves and as the main lighting in almost any room; as long as you have the imagination to make a plan, we have the LED rigid light bars and accessories to make it happen.
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