LED Rope Light Bulb Orientation

LED rope lights are manufactured in one of two LED configurations. There are pros and cons to each and it is important to understand the differences when purchasing your LED rope lights.

Horizontal Bulb Orientation (Omnidirectional)

Horizontal bulb orientationHorizontal bulb orientation profileIn horizontal orientation, the LEDs are parallel to the axis of the rope light, with each LED bulb facing the one next to it. This can result in a slight decrease in perceived light output as the brightest portion of each LED is focused to the back of the adjacent LED. However, this design allows for greater uniformity of light spread around the entire circumference of the tubing.

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Vertical Bulb Orientation (Directional)

Vertical bulb orientationVertical bulb orientation profileIn vertical orientation, the LEDs are perpendicular to the axis of the rope light, with each LED bulb pointed out of the tubing. This is the "brighter" of the two orientations, with the LEDs focused in a particular direction. However, the light output is not uniform around the circumference of the rope light, creating a bright side and a dim side. The directional orientation of the LEDs can also create distracting "hot spots" where the light is more intense in some areas.

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