LED 4590 Angled Display Case Lights

The LED 4590's unique angled design and small profile make it a great choice for corners or small spaces. It can project light at 45° or 90° angles into coves, display cases, and much more. It uses high-power Nichia LEDs for consistent color temperature and highly accurate color rendering. The LED 4590 comes in three convenient sizes that can be linked together with connectors or extensions for maximum application versatility.

Instructions for ordering LED 4590 Lights

  1. Determine lengths of areas to be lighted.
  2. Use unit size and wattage information to select a combination of sizes and quantities to meet your need. Do not exceed the capacity of the power supply driver in each series.
  3. Order one power supply driver of appropriate capacity for each run.
  4. Order additional accessories as needed.
12" LED 4590 Warm White
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12" LED 4590 Cool White
Our Price: $112.40
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LED 4590 Accessories
LED 4590 Power Supplies

Low-profile LED 4590 angled display case lights are ideal for people who need to illuminate corners and small spaces. Whether you have a cozy niche in a corner of your living room or you want to light up shelves upon shelves of collectibles, you'll find the angled display case lights you need right here. Our LED 4590s are available in warm white and cool white, so you can create the perfect lighting scheme for almost anything. Choose warm white for darkly colored sports memorabilia, certificates and childhood keepsakes; generally, anything that absorbs light should be illuminated by warm tones. Pick cool white for crystal collectibles, coins and other objects that can reflect light to create a stunning display almost anywhere.

Our LED 4590 angled display case lights can illuminate at a 45-degree or at a 90-degree angle, so it's easy to customize your lighting project. Since LEDs are more efficient than incandescent bulbs and create a better, more flattering look than fluorescent bulbs, they're the smart choice for people who want to highlight spaces in the most visually appealing way possible. You'll save money and enjoy more pleasant-looking display cases at the same time. Whether you're adding these lights to your home or to your business, you'll see the benefits of switching to LED immediately.

You'll also find LED 4590 accessories in our collection. We have jumper cables and extension cables ranging in length from 6 inches to 72 inches that allow you to link multiple units; mounting clips with screws that allow you to place your lights almost anywhere; and plug-in power supplies for 50-watt and 90-watt bulbs. We're committed to providing you with the most cost-effective, attractive lighting solutions. That's why we're excited to offer you LED 4590 angled display case lights that are showcase-quality. Even better, these don't bear the extremely hefty price tag often attached to such powerful lighting.
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