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LED 2-Wire 1/2" 120v Directional Cool White Rope Light - 150'

LED 2-Wire 1/2" 120v Directional Cool White Rope Light - 150'

LED 2-Wire 1/2" 120v Directional Cool White Rope Light - 150'   LED 2-Wire 1/2" 120v Directional Cool White Rope Light - 150'   
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Item #: 01-1251CW-150
Our Price: $214.99
  • 150' spool
  • 0.8 watts per foot
  • 5500-6000K color temperature
  • Vertical bulb orientation
  • Dimmable
  • 120V AC
  • More Features
For bigger lighting projects that require more coverage, LED Rope Lights And More offers LED 2-Wire 1/2” 120v 150’ Directional Cool White Rope Lights with a color temperature of 5,500-6,000K and a 20mA forward current. The cool white directional lights are vertically oriented and emit a bright white illumination in a bluish tint. You can count on a long lifespan from these LED lights, which are rated to last 100,000 hours and consume 0.8 watts per foot.

Visit LED Rope Lights And More’s blog for unique ideas and viewpoints on creative uses of LED accent lighting in the home and garden, on your deck, in your kitchen, and the distinction between vertically and horizontally oriented LED lights.

This product is dimmable.
Vertical bulb orientation

Lighting Facts
LED Color Cool White
Length 152.5 feet
Connection 2 wire
Dimensions 1/2" diameter
Voltage 120V AC
Forward Current 20mA
Color Temperature [?] 5500-6000K
Luminous Intensity 18000-20000 mcd
Temperature Rating -60°F - 220°F
Beam Angle 25°
Bulb Orientation [?] Vertical (directional)
Bulb Spacing 1 inch
Outer Tubing Color Clear
Power Consumption 0.8 watts per foot
Cutting Interval 30 inches
Rated Lifespan 100,000 hours
Maximum Run [?] 600'
Suitable for Outdoor Use Yes
Dimmable Yes
Flashable Yes
Chasing No
UL Listed No

Each spool includes:

  • 1 5' Power Cord with Inline 1.6A Rectifier
  • 1 Power Connector
  • 1 End Cap
  • 100 Mounting Clips

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    Refer to our Rope Light Instructions page for an overview of how to work with rope lights.

    Key points to remember:
    • Only cut rope lights at the predetermined cutting intervals. Look for the cut marks on the outer tubing.
    • LEDs are sensitive to polarity. As such, LED rope lights may appear to not function correctly if the polarity of the electrical current is opposite from what the LEDs are expecting.

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