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C9 LED Christmas Light Strings

Large and in-charge, C9 LED Christmas light strings are just what you need to add a bold, vibrant element to any holiday décor. Standing approximately 2 inches tall and measuring a little over 1 inch in diameter, these big Christmas lights can create a striking display on a home, a store or a sky rise. From expansive rooftops to the boughs of large holiday trees, these C9 LED lights are a must-have for serious Christmas decorators. They're also ideal for parties and other lighting projects because they're reliable, sturdy and well suited for indoor and outdoor use.
25 LED C9 String Lights - 8" Spacing - 17' Length - Pure White
Our Price: $14.00

25 LED C9 String Lights - 8" Spacing - 17' Length - Warm White
Our Price: $14.00

25 LED C9 String Lights - 8" Spacing - 17' Length - Multi-Color
Our Price: $14.00

Our C9 LED Christmas light strings are available in 17-foot strands containing 25 lights each. The bulbs are spaced 8 inches apart, and faceted surfaces on their casings help them refract powerful light in all directions. That means they're bright no matter which way you look at them, and they're perfect for outlining rooftops, windows and building edges. We offer them in pure white, warm white and multi-colored strands, which makes them ideal for almost any decorating project that requires big, bold lighting. Each bulb is attached to a 22 AWG green wire, so they can blend into trees and are easily camouflaged against dark surfaces.

These C9 LED Christmas light strings are rated for indoor and outdoor use, and since they make use of innovative LED technology, they feature a low heat output and high energy efficiency. Long-lasting and versatile, these LED C9 light strings are less costly to run than incandescent lights, which means you can enjoy your holiday décor without the added expense of skyrocketing utility bills. Every one of these strands features a male end and a female end, and you can safely connect as many as 85 strands to create the perfect illumination for your project. These 120V AC Christmas lights might be exactly what you need for Christmas or for year-`round décor.
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