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LED 2-Wire 1/2" 120v Directional Rope Light Custom Cut - Cool White - UL Listed
Our Price: $5.00

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LED 2-Wire 1/2" 120v Omnidirectional Red Rope Light - 150'
Our Price: $189.99

LED 2-Wire 1/2" Low Voltage Directional Warm White Rope Light - 150'
Our Price: $339.99

LED 2-Wire 1/2" 120v Directional Red Rope Light - 150'
Our Price: $159.99

120v Pure White LED Polar Neon Flex - Custom Cut
Our Price: $14.00

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120v Pure White LED Polar Neon Flex - 150'
Our Price: $1,249.00

120v Red LED Polar Neon Flex - Custom Cut
Our Price: $14.00

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120v Blue LED Polar Neon Flex - 150'
Our Price: $1,249.00

Our goal is to inspire fun, and creative illuminations for homeowners and businesses by offering quality indoor and outdoor lighting solutions with a focus on energy-efficient and environmentally friendly LED lighting.

At LED Rope Lights And More, you’ll find unique LED lighting solutions for indoor and outdoor accent and decorative lighting applications. Our LED rope lights, flexible neon, light bars, and other lighting products offer a creative and fun way to illuminate or accent residential and commercial spaces. Whether you want to add character to an indoor space, brighten up the exterior of your home, or decorate for a special event, we have the colorful, bright and fun lights you need.

Older lighting technology, such as incandescent and halogen lights, consumed energy excessively, driving up your energy bills and taxing the earth’s resources. Our LED lighting solutions offer an energy-efficient alternative. We specialize in LED lights in order to ensure that your lighting systems consume as little energy as possible. Unlike other low-energy solutions, LED lights also provide superb color rendition. Plus, most modern LED lights can used with dimmers to get the exact brightness levels you need for your space.

LED Rope Lights And More offers helpful how-to’s for using your LED lights effectively. Our resources include instructions for installing outdoor rope lights and LED neon lights, making it easy to create custom lighting systems in your space. In addition, you’ll love the incredible selection we offer, allowing you to choose from numerous lengths, lighting styles, and light colors. We also carry drivers, controllers, and other accessories for your lighting needs. With our fast shipping and attentive customer service, we’ll do everything we can to get you the right products quickly and affordably. When you want high-quality, energy-efficient lighting solutions for your home or business, shop at LED Rope Lights And More to find the products you need.
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